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Affordable Housing in Hopkinton, MA

One-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom rentals available through our 40B Moderate Income affordable housing program for qualifying future residents at Windsor at Hopkinton. Households must be within the income levels below to qualify. Monthly rent is based on the Area Median Income (AMI) 80% program. 

Applicants who receive a housing subsidy are not subject to the minimum income requirement.  Applicants will be required to submit documentation regarding their residency, income and financial history. To determine whether or not you qualify, please contact our leasing office.

One Bedroom: $1,602 per month
1 person household: $48,060-$70,750
2 person household: $48,060-$80,850
3 person household: $48,060-$90,950

Two Bedroom: $1,923 per month
2 person household: $57,690-$80,850
3 person household: $57,690-$90,950
4 person household: $57,690-$101,050
5 person household: $57,690-$109,150

Three Bedroom: $2,217 per month
3 person household: $66,510-$90,950
4 person household: $66,510-$101,050
5 person household: $66,510-$109,150
6 person household: $66,510-$117,250
7 person household: $66,510-$125,350

More Space is Designed For The Way You Live.

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